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The Attack on Asian-Americans Asians are doing too well – they must be stopped Harvard’s Asian Quotas Repeat an Ugly History Harvard’s Legal Discrimination Harvard’s Legacies Are Nothing to Be Proud Of Cheating on the SATs Culture Explains Asians’ Educational Success Harvard’s Education in Discrimination NY Times: Asian-Americans Suing Harvard Say Admissions Files Show Discrimination The Harvard Plan That Failed Asian Americans Harvard’s discrimination against Asian Americans must end. What Is Harvard Hiding? Affirmative Action Battle Has a New Focus: Asian-Americans Jason L. Riley: Is the Ivy League’s Admission Bias a ‘Trade Secret’? WSJ: The New Jews of Harvard Admissions – Asian-Americans are rebelling over evidence that they are held to a much higher standard, but elite colleges deny using quotas. Smash the ‘Bamboo Ceiling’ of Racial Quotas Yale Law School deletes admissions data after numerous FERPA requests Admissions Lawsuit Plaintiff Pens Letters Blasting Record Purges USA Today: Asians get the Ivy League’s Jewish treatment