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What They Really Mean by ‘Equity’

According to the New York Times, Susan Rice, director of President Joe Biden’s Domestic Policy Council, “is charged with ensuring that the new administration embeds issues of racial equity into everything it does.” Having “everything” as your remit makes for an unwieldy policy portfolio, particularly when the task at hand is to impose “equity” on the whole of American society. That would at least be a laudable goal if the White House’s true objective were the pursuit of righteousness and fairness. Sadly, it is not.

“Equity” is not “equality.” In its progressive interpretation, “equity” isn’t equal access to opportunity and protection before the law. “Equity” in practice becomes the redistribution of social and economic goods in accordance with subjective assessments of immutable privileges and disadvantages associated with whole demographics. The nascent Biden administration’s approach to Asian-American affairs illustrates the folly in this line of thinking.

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