Wei H. Kuo | Wei H. Kuo – Students for Fair Admissions

Wei H. Kuo

Wei H. Kuo- San Angelo, Texas

Your description of the board seat fascinates me, because I see in it a reflection of my own
interests and goals.

It was early January in 1971 that a young junior high school graduate of 15 years old arrived in
San Francisco from Singapore. This young boy, who barely spoke English, was the luckiest
person in the world, as boundless number of educational and career opportunities suddenly
opened to him. This person is me– I have had a great odyssey pursuing many educational
opportunities and have experienced wonderful career successes, through diligence and
perseverance, albeit not without some agonizing setbacks.

Education holds a special place in my heart and I am now in a position to help new immigrants
as well as native-born Americans to ensure the same meritocratic system, which enabled me to
pull myself up by the bootstrap, is there to help others. I want to make America great again,
unencumbered by racial quotas and political correctness.

The highlights of my qualifications are as follows:
– A multi-careered professional with work experience in engineering, business, clinical
medicine, and medical management.
– Someone who pulled himself up by the bootstrap with early odd jobs in restaurants,
hotel/motels, flower farms, etc., to put himself through college.
– M.D., The University of Texas Medical Branch
– M.B.A., The University of Texas at Austin
– M.S., Environmental Health, University of Cincinnati
– M.S., Mechanical Engineering; B.S., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC

My standardized test scores were mediocre at best, yet they were not impediments to my
educational attainment. I have the drive and tenacity to persuade people to make things
happen. I seize every possibility and try repeatedly until I succeed.

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