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Raj S. Dave

Raj S. Dave- McLean, Virginia

Foremost, I cannot thank you enough for your crusade to overturn reverse-discrimination
against Asian Americans in the college admission process to top colleges in the US.
I will be happy to be on the Board of Students for Fair Admissions. I am a US patent attorney of
Indian origin. My wife Aparna is a US immigration attorney (www.immigration2us.com). I am
on the Board of several non-profits:

(1) WHEELS Global Foundation (http://www.wheelsglobalfoundation.org/)
(2) PanIIT Alumni Association, DC Chapter (http://www.capitaliit.com/about-us)
(3) National Inventors Hall of Fame (http://www.invent.org/)
Aparna is also on the Board of several nonprofits.

Fortunately, both our children are in Ivy League schools. While my kids have got into the Ivy
League schools, many Indian parents get disappointed that their kids don’t get into top schools
even though they have perfect or near-perfect scores and grades.

I believe we need a two-prong approach to this problem:
(1) Awareness among the Asian communities as to what it takes to get kids in the top schools.
(2) A fight for fair admission, which your organization is doing.
I believe that I can be the voice of the Indian American community on your Board and possibly
help raise some funds too..

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