Jing-Li Yu | Jing-Li Yu – Students for Fair Admissions

Jing-Li Yu

I am a Board member of the 80-20 Educational Foundation, an Asian American advocacy organization that has worked closely with SFFA in publicizing and fighting discrimination against Asian Americans in college admissions, particularly the Harvard admissions case.  It would be honored to have the privilege of serving on SFFA’s board so that I could participate more directly in the cause, and also to potentially further the coordination and alliance between SFFA and 80-20 Educational Foundation.

My work for the 80-20 Initiative, where I worked as full-time staff from 2002 to 2006, and have been on various constituent organizations’ boards ever since, has made me familiar with issues of discrimination against Asian Americans. Moreover, being involved in 80-20 has trained me in understanding how to use politics to further the cause.

Furthermore, professionally, I am a litigator.  During the first half of my career, I worked for large law firms, including WilmerHale, Harvard’s counsel (although I was not involved in the Harvard suit).  Since 2016, I have worked for plaintiffs’ law firms, specializing primarily in corporate breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits.  Harvard and other universities are organized as corporations.  I believe my familiarity with the fiduciary duties of corporate board directors and officers could translate to helping to assess creative ways to prosecute lawsuits against universities.

In summary, I believe my involvement with 80-20, close work with SFFA over the last couple of years, and experience as a litigator would make me a valuable addition to SFFA’s board.  I humbly ask for your vote so that I may contribute to SFFA’s cause.