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George Carney

George Carney- San Gabriel, California

I am a retired high school mathematics teacher in Southern California, a veteran of almost
thirty-five years in the classroom. I joined SFFA because I saw, repeatedly, up close and
personal, the appalling effects of so-called “affirmative action” every fall as my students went
through the college application process. I taught in a school with a majority Asian student body,
and each year I saw my Asian students rejected by California’s top colleges, while their less-
qualified classmates celebrated acceptance by those same schools. I have lost count of the
number of late-evening Starbucks conferences I had with my students, and sometimes their
parents, while I tried to explain the obvious injustice that had been done to them.

Since I retired, I have stayed active in working with students, still a majority Asian. I have
continued to coach Mock Trial, which is a demanding academic competition and one in which,
again, a majority of my team is Asian. Because of what I saw, and still see, as a persistent anti-
Asian bias not just in college admissions but in the everyday high school life, I also, five years
ago, joined and became active in the Chinese American Citizens Alliance, Los Angeles lodge.
CACA is one of the nation’s oldest civil rights groups, and I am pleased to serve the LA Lodge as
an officer and director as we continue our efforts on behalf of fair treatment for Asians.
I believe that the fight SFFA is waging is one that is badly needed and long overdue. It is
appalling that this overt discrimination against one ethnic group is still tolerated by a society
that supposedly values fairness and equal treatment for everyone. We need to become a truly
color-blind society, and I think SFFA is a positive factor in striving for this goal. To that end, I
would like to be a part of this effort. As I mentioned, I am semi-retired; I have the time and,
more importantly, the will, to do what I can to rectify this obvious injustice. If you think I can
bring something to your effort, then please consider me for a position on SFFA’s Board of

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