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Eva Guo

Dear SFFA members,

I am currently serving as one of the Board of Directors of Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA). First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratefulness to each one of you for your strong support in the past two years. As you know, I have been a loyal member of SFFA and a faithful supporter for educational issues that SFFA has been addressing and advocating. I have also helped SFFA raise funds, recruit members as well as student plaintiff within my 1st term. In this fruitful Thanksgiving season, I decided to run the 2nd term for SFFA’s Board position. I possess tireless passion on the undone educational mission, which is to advocate for admission fairness and “build a fairer society for everyone”.

I am a mom of two school-aged kids. I place high value on education. My profession is government supervisory auditor. I am a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and a Certified Personal Property Specialist (PPS) candidate. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Master’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management from University of Maryland University College. I feel confident that my passion, plus my volunteer and professional experience, as well as academic credentials would prepare me well for the 2nd term.

I live in Montgomery County, MD, where the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) system fails apart in recent years. Since the Metis Report on March 8th, 2016, MCPS started GT (Gifted and Talented program) reform. I have led an effort to fight with MCPS on their unfair GT admissions in the past years. With other Asian parents together, we founded Association for Education Fairness (AFEF) in 2018, and officially filed a lawsuit in 2019 to challenge MCPS’ unlawful discrimination against Asian American students. This lawsuit was also reported here: Parents Sue School System for Discriminating Against High-Achieving Asian Kids.

Before the lawsuit, AFEF also organized ten parents to file separate complaints to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) in April 2018, and the OCR started an investigation to MCPS one year later in April 2019 after I followed up several times with the OCR former Director, Kenneth Marcus. To prepare for the lawsuit, in July 2018, I organized and hosted a seminar inviting Mike Gonzalez, a Senior Fellow from The Heritage Foundation to give a speech to raise our community awareness on identity politics and discrimination issues on education admissions and got more concerned parents involved into this case. Moreover, in October 2018, I led a group of members flying all the way from MD to MA to support Boston Rally hosted by SFFA and AACE (Asian American Coalition for Education) to end Harvard University’s unlawful admissions to Asian American students while Affirmative Action Lawsuit against Harvard Goes to Trial.

In addition, MCPS started school redistricting project since 2018 to balance MCPS FARM (Free and Reduced-price Meals) rate and the racial disparity. I worked closely with different ethnic groups to advocate neighborhood kids for local schools opposing busing kids far away from their own communities. I attended almost all public hearings and community meetings and organized parents to attend and give testimonies at the Montgomery County BOE hearings. Also, I joined an effort to lead a protesting rally against the BOE’s non-sense decisions about up-county boundary study in November 2019. As a parent representative, I accepted an interview from the WXY consulting company (whom MCPS awarded a $475k contract to do the school redistricting project) to raise our community’s voice and express parent’s concerns. Meanwhile, I started a community survey, collected almost 500 responses from parents and submitted to the WXY consulting company to serve as support to my viewpoint on school redistricting issue.

I believe everyone desires fair admissions in education, but I also believe everyone should share the responsibility to protect our constitutional rights. “United we stand; divided we fall”. Let us join together to continue the great battle till we win. I hope to continue to serve on SFFA’s Board. Please cast your vote today and please support SFFA. Thank you!

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