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David Cao

David Cao’s Personal Statement for SFFA Board

I truly believe that equality and fairness is core to the American values which made this country great. Although equality is provided in the American Constitution, it is not dispensed, but must be provoked. As a matter of facts, many of the rights we take for granted have been results of persistent civil rights movements. Inequality in college admissions, as we all know, existed, and still exists, in this country. Legal battles have been fought, from Regents of University of California v. Bakke to the recent Fisher v. University of Texas. But there is still a long way before color, race, and ethnicity blind admissions equal to all applicants can be realized, and it takes the effort of everyone to remove the inequality in college admissions.

Prevailing on this issue before a court of law, especially the Supreme Court, is the best solution, since in the United States, common law country, a precedent set by a case has the same force as black letter law.

I am Chinese by ethnicity and a lawyer by profession. As a Chinese, I have the enthusiasm to serve the interests of the Chinese; as a lawyer, I have the ability to understand legal issues. I have been actively involved in community services, especially in the promotion of civil rights for the Chinese people in the Houston area. I am a currently a board member of Houston Chinese Alliance, a board of the Commonwealth Civic Association, a member of the Asian Leadership Council of the Houston Symphony, and a trustee of the Chinese Professional Club. I am interested in the Chinese students’ law suits against Harvard and UNC and would like to be involved in the cause of Students for Fair Admissions. I would appreciate your considering me for nomination as a candidate for the board member.

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