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SFFA Files Motion for Summary Judgment Against Harvard

Edward Blum, president of Students for Fair Admissions, said, “Today’s court filing exposes the startling magnitude of Harvard’s discrimination against Asian-American applicants.”

Blum added, “This filing definitively proves that Harvard engages in racial balancing, uses race as far more than a ‘plus’ factor, and has no interest in exploring race-neutral alternatives. It is our hope that the court will carefully study the statistical, documentary, and testimonial evidence amassed against Harvard and end these unfair and unlawful practices.”

Blum added, “Harvard’s recent decision to issue a statement complaining that SFFA has taken the evidence ‘out of context’ and then to demand that the evidence be hidden from the public is disreputable, but typical. From the beginning of this case, Harvard has endeavored to litigate in secret because it knows the American people will be shocked to learn how it treats Asian-American applicants.”

Blum concluded, “We believe that the rest of the evidence will be released in the next few weeks, and it will further confirm that Harvard is in deliberate violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.”

To read the court files, see below: 

Doc 416-3 – Kahlenberg Errata

Doc 416-2 – Kahlenberg Rebuttal Report

Doc 416-1 – Kahlenberg Expert Report

Doc 416 – Kahlenberg Dec

Doc 415-3 – Arcidiacono Errata

Doc 415-2 – Arcidiacono Rebuttal Report

Doc 415-1 – Arcidiacono Expert Report

Doc 415 – Arcidiacono Dec

Doc 414 – Statement of Material Facts

Doc 413 – Memo in Support of MSJ

Doc 412 – Motion for Summary Judgment

Doc 421-145 – Admissions Part II Report

Doc 421-157 – May 30 2013 Report

Doc 421-134 – February 2013 Report

Doc 421-112 – May 1 2013 Memorandum

Admissions Lawsuit Plaintiff Pens Letters Blasting Record Purges

Daphne C. Thompson, writing in The Harvard Crimson, authored the following piece about a call for universities to release admissions files under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. 

In response to a report that Yale Law School had decided to destroy its student admissions evaluation files, Edward Blum—the president of nonprofit membership group Students for Fair Admissions, Inc.—sent a letter Thursday to every Ivy League university president, except for Harvard’s, to object to any further deletions of student admission records.

Project on Fair Representation, a legal defense group also led by Blum, is currently suing Harvard for allegedly setting admissions quotas on students of Asian descent and engaging in “racial balancing” in its admissions process. According to Blum, Harvard did not receive a similar letter regarding admissions file destruction because it is already facing litigation and must retain all records during the lawsuit’s discovery period.

In the letter, Blum wrote that the file destruction raised concerns under the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, a Department of Education act that holds that the documents must be accessible under federal law. FERPA attracted widespread media attention in January after The New York Times reported that Stanford students had invoked it to successfully access copies of their records from the university, including written assessments and numerical scores assigned to them by admissions officers.

“It should go without saying that Yale cannot destroy evidence essential to judicial review of its admissions policies and expect to withstand strict scrutiny if and when its admissions policies are challenged in court,” the letter read.

Blum also wrote that Yale’s employment of racial consideration in admissions decisions subjects the university to legal scrutiny under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and that “this brazen attempt to avoid scrutiny of legally questionable admissions practices is precisely the wrong course of action at precisely the wrong time.”

Harvard has denied all of Blum’s allegations of race-based discrimination in its admissions process and will meet the plaintiffs of the complaint at a status conference in April.

—Staff writer Daphne C. Thompson can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @daphnectho.

Read the original article here.

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Plaintiff in Harvard University Admissions Lawsuit Objects to Destruction of Student Records at Yale Law School

(Washington, DC) Today, Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) sent a letter to Peter Salovey, president of Yale University objecting to reports of the destruction of student records at Yale University law school.

A similar letter was sent to the presidents of the other Ivy League universities except Harvard. The letters to Yale, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Princeton, Penn, and Dartmouth can be found here.

SFFA filed two lawsuits in November 2014 challenging the admissions policies at Harvard University and the Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

The lawsuit against Harvard asserts that the university has an unconstitutional racial quota that limits the number of Asians it will admit, as well as a racial balancing policy that the U.S. Supreme Court has forbidden in earlier litigation.

According to an article in The New Republic (March 15, 2015), “Yale Law School Is Deleting Its Admissions Records, and There’s Nothing Students Can Do About It” authored by Joseph Pomianowski, Yale Law School Dean Robert Post informed students in his annual “State of the School” address that students who requested access to their admissions and educational records under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) would no longer be receiving them. It is unclear from the article if Yale will pursue the destruction of undergraduate records.

The Pomianowski article stated that, “To avoid being forced to hand over a wide range of documents in response to a flood of recent student requests, the school had decided to destroy its student admissions evaluation records along with any notations made by the career development office in individual student files.”

SFFA objects to the willful destruction of admissions files by Yale Law School because it raises serious concerns under the Family Education Rights Privacy Act—a 1974 statute which allows students to access and correct inaccuracies in their own records.

Moreover, the destruction of these files may risk spoliation of evidence in SFFA’s Harvard litigation. In its complaint against Harvard, SFFA alleged that Harvard’s data is highly consistent with all other Ivy League schools, which inexplicably enroll Asian Americans in remarkably similar numbers year after year after year. As proof, the complaint set forth seven years of enrollment data from the Ivy League schools—including Yale University. Thus, Yale has been on notice that undergraduate student admissions files may be subject to subpoena as this important civil rights case proceeds to the discovery phase.

Edward Blum, president of SFFA said, “SFFA’s letter hereby notifies Yale and the other Ivy League schools of the legal duty to preserve all admissions files in their possession or control. To the extent that Yale has already destroyed such documents and is able to retrieve them, it must do so promptly.”


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